Drivers License Name Change

When you’re married or divorced, there is often a change to your name that comes with it. Sometimes, though, people will seek to change their name as a result of a personal decision to escape the name that they associate with the pain they have suffered in their lives. Regardless of the reason that led to your decision to change your name, it is important to update all of your legal documents to reflect your name change.

If you’re a licensed driver in Arizona and recently changed your legal name, you are required to update the Motor Vehicle Division of the change. The steps to do this are not complex, but they must be done. Refer to the following guidelines after you change your name so that you complete the duties that are required of you and obtain a new drivers license that reflects your new name.

Before you update the MVD of your name change, you must first notify the Social Security Administration. After you have completed all of the required documents to make the Social Security Administration aware of your name change, you must wait no less than two days before you update the MVD. This time period allows the Social Security Administration to properly update the records in its system.

When two days have passed, you must not procrastinate when it comes to updating the MVD of your new name. Under Arizona law, you only have 10 days to update the MVD after you have changed your name. Do not try to update the MVD online, by mail, or by phone. If you choose to try any of these methods, you will not find instructions to proceed and will just be wasting your time and energy. The only way to update the MVD of your name change is in person at your local MVD office. Also, you must be present at the office in order to complete this errand. While a friend or family member is allowed to be with you during your visit to the MVD office, no person is allowed to show up in your place.

Before you leave for the MVD office, make sure that you bring with you all of the necessary documents that an employee at the office will ask you to present. First, you need to bring your current drivers license with your old name printed on it. Next, you must provide proof to the MVD that your name was actually changed. This proof can be in the form of a marriage certificate, a marriage license, a divorce decree, a citizenship certificate, or a court order that shows your name was legally changed. Keep in mind that the only forms that will be accepted are originals or certified copies.

After the employee at the MVD office who is handling your case has accepted your updated name and changed the records of the MVD to reflect the change, you must obtain a new license with your current name printed on it. In order to this, you must pay the $12 fee for a duplicate license. This payment can be made with a check, a money order, a cashier’s check, a credit card, a debit card, or cash. You could also make the payment online, by phone, or by mail. However, since you will already be at the MVD office, it is easiest to just take care of the payment in person. You will then be handed a receipt that will serve as your proof that you update the MVD office of your name change until your permanent replacement arrives in the mail.