Paperwork Needed to Sell a Vehicle

To sell your car in Arizona, you’ll have to amass the required documentation. Fortunately, you can follow an easy step-by-step process to make sure all your documents are prepared when you put the vehicle on the market.



Pricing the Car

You should gauge your car’s value based on its market value and current condition. You’ll be able to increase the value by doing any maintenance and repairs, touching up the paint, and thoroughly cleaning the interior. Proper research on the market will allow you to set the fairest price for both you and your potential buyer.


Once you’ve attracted a buyer for the vehicle, you’ll need to follow Arizona state regulations by filing the appropriate paperwork.



Required Paperwork to Sell a Vehicle

You’ll need the following documentation when you sell your car:


  • The original certificate of title with your notarized signature
  • A lien release if the title had a lien
  • A Sold Notice to inform the MVD that you have relinquished ownership of the vehicle


You can write a Sold Notice on the back of your vehicle’s registration. You can also fill out an online form on the MVD website to complete the notification.


Duplicate Paperwork

It’s easy to lose vehicle titles. Sometimes titles aren’t lost, but they’ve been damaged or eroded to the point of illegibility. If this is the case, you’ll need to get a duplicate before you’ll be able to sell the vehicle. You can request a duplicate by submitting a completed Title and Registration Application to your local MVD office.


Duplicate applications can be submitted either in person or through the mail to the MVD office. They can also be submitted in person to a third-party office, provided that office is authorized by the MVD.


You’ll be required to pay a duplicate fee of $4. If you still have the original document and are replacing it due to illegibility, you should surrender it when you submit your application.


If the vehicle has a lien, the duplicate copy will be sent to the lien holder unless you have submitted a lien release.



Vehicle History Reports

Most buyers will request a vehicle history report for your car. It’s a good idea to have one ready to show to buyers. If you don’t provide buyers with a vehicle history report, they’ll be able to obtain one through other channels. Vehicle history reports give buyers access to the following information:


  • The past owners of the car
  • Whether any liens are currently held on the car
  • The maintenance and repair history
  • The odometer reading
  • Information about flood damage
  • History of accidents
  • Previous airbag deployments
  • Whether the vehicle has ever been declared salvaged
  • Verification of the history and VIN


It’s not legally required to have a vehicle history report, but it will help to have one for your own edification and for the ease of your potential buyer’s mind.


How to Transfer Vehicle License Plates Following a Sale

The vehicle’s buyer will be required to receive new license plates after they register the vehicle. The old plates stay with you. You should remove them after the vehicle transaction. Following the sale, you have a 30 day period to either transfer the plates to a new vehicle registered in your name or to apply for a refund on the plates.

All official documentation can be downloaded and printed through the Arizona MVD website. If you can’t print it, the local MVD office can give you copies in person.