Providing Additional Security to the Citizens of Arizona

REAL ID is a bill that was signed to become a law by the United States Congress in 2005. The act is seen to increase the level of security all over the United States, and it will prevent Federal agencies and other similar departments to accept a license and other identification cards from people who live in states that have not implemented the law. Many states initially opposed the law, but they soon complied with the requirements as they observed how the new law provided additional security to their citizens. Arizona is an example of a state that initially opposed the passing of the REAL ID act, but then they changed stances after they learned about the benefits of REAL ID.

The REAL ID process for an application involves several steps. The first one is that the applicant should make an appointment to any DMV field office across the country. It is recommended to do it this way because a lot of people are now upgrading their licenses, and it would cost you your time if you went directly to the DMV office without any prior appointments. You also need to present documents that would prove your identities, such as U.S. birth certificates, a passport issued by the United States, an employment authorization document, or a permanent resident card. For those who hold a foreign passport, they can also show it to the DMV office as long as it comes with the I-94 form that is already approved. The social security number is also required, and you must present your SSN card when applying for a REAL ID. If you do not have your SSN card, a W-2 or paystub displaying the full SS number can suffice. Depending on the state where you live, a residency document might also be required as a supporting document. For those who have changed their names or have already married, a copy of the official document (name change document, marriage certificate, or divorce documents) should be brought. Once the documents have been taken to the DMV office and the application papers have been completed, the REAL ID process will begin.

There is a lot that is different between a REAL ID vs an ID that is issued ordinarily. One of the main reasons why people should get REAL IDs is because of security reasons. Another thing is that it is mandated by the government, and those who would not follow might no longer enjoy certain things, like traveling via airplanes. Traveling with a REAL ID will be required in most airports as more states are starting to adopt the REAL ID Law. If you wanted to travel without any REAL ID on hand, you will be required to show another valid document or identification to continue traveling. There is a list of available identification documents that can be found online, and you have to secure these before going to the airport.

REAL ID might be an inconvenience for others, but the lawmakers have thought about this law carefully. They want to avoid any more dangerous situations that affect our country, and introducing the REAL ID is one of the best solutions to the growing problem with security.