Replace Drivers License

If your Arizona drivers license has been stolen, destroyed, or lost, you must replace it as soon as possible. Without a valid license, you cannot legally drive, and you also lack a main form of personal identification. Fortunately, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division has several ways of replacing a lost license, so you can file your duplicate application in the easiest way for you.


Replacing Your Driver’s License Online

The MVD works with the company ServiceArizona to make duplicate license applications available online. You can use this online system if you are an AZ resident with an AZ license as well as a digital photo in the MVD’s records.

To order the replacement license online, follow these steps:

  • Go to ServiceArizona’s online Duplicate Driver License or ID Card page
  • Provide your personal information including Social Security number, address, and name
  • Provide an explanation of why you require a duplicate license
  • Pay the $12 fee using your MasterCard, Discover card, American Express card, or VISA card
  • Print the temporary license, which is valid for a 30 day period
  • Wait for the duplicate license to be mailed within 15 days


You can pay for express delivery should you need the license sooner than the 15 day period. Express delivery is an additional charge on top of the replacement fee.


Replacing Your Driver’s License by Phone

Only active-duty military members and military dependents currently stationed outside of Arizona can replace their license over the phone. If you meet this criteria, call 800-251-5866. The answering agent will guide you through the replacement process. You should have one of the above credit cards to pay the $12 replacement fee.


Replacing Your Driver’s License by Mail

As with phone transactions, only active-duty military members and military dependents currently stationed outside of Arizona can replace their license through this method. To file your application by mail, you’ll need to place the following documentation in a secure envelope:

  • A written request for your license replacement including your name, date of birth, Social Security number, Arizona address, and the reason for the license replacement
  • A check for the $12 fee made payable to “Motor Vehicle Division”


Send the envelope to:

Motor Vehicle Division

P.O. Box 2100

MD 510

Phoenix, AZ 85001


Replacing Your Driver’s License in Person

There are a few circumstances where you are required to apply for your replacement license in person. These include:

  • Your license was issued prior to July 1995, and you need a new photo
  • Your name has changed (if so, bring legal proof with your other documentation)


You’ll need to visit your local MVD office with the following documentation:

  • At least two documents proving identity, one of which is a primary document and one of which has a photo
  • If no documents have photos, then at least three documents proving identity, one or more of which is a primary document
  • Payment for the $12 replacement fee


Primary documentation includes your birth certificate, citizenship certificate, or certificate of naturalization. Secondary documents include your passport, W2 form, or a bank statement.

Most MVD offices will take payments in the form of a personal check, money order, cash, or a debit or credit card from a major company. Because accepted payment varies from place to place, you should contact your local MVD office to be sure you have an acceptable payment type.

When you apply in person, your duplicate license will be given to you immediately.