Vehicle Registration Renewal

All Arizona residents are required to register all of their vehicles through the Motor Vehicle Division. The MVD is responsible for the record keeping of all vehicles on the road. Residents must renew their registration before the end of their current registration cycle in order to maintain a valid vehicle registration.

If you’re new to the state, or you’ve just purchased a vehicle, you’ll need to complete a first-time registration.


Vehicle Registration Renewal Cycles in Arizona

There are three different potential renewal cycles in Arizona. Registrations can expire after 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years.

Vehicles eligible for a renewal cycle of 5 years must meet the following requirements:

  • The vehicle is new and has not been registered in AZ or another state before
  • The vehicle was registered outside of the Phoenix or Tucson metro area
  • The vehicle was manufactured earlier than 1967
  • The vehicle is solar-powered or runs on hydrogen or electricity
  • The vehicle is a motorcycle


Renewal Notices

You’ll be sent a notice in the mail several weeks before your registration is due to expire. The following information will be included:

  • The renewal fee
  • Any vehicle taxes due
  • The date you must renew by
  • Any emissions testing requirements
  • Outstanding tickets or unpaid fines that may prevent a renewal

If you didn’t receive a notice, you are still responsible for renewing your vehicle’s registration in time. You can contact an MVD office to inquire about your registration renewal requirements. The MVD also has a help desk which you can call at 800-251-5866.


Renewing Your Vehicle Registration Online

To renew your vehicle online, complete the following steps:

  • If necessary, complete an emissions inspection (the result will automatically be forwarded to the MVD)
  • Visit the MVD website’s EZ Renewal Page
  • Follow the instructions on the page
  • Provide personal identification information and vehicle information
  • Confirm the information is correct
  • Pay the renewal fee with a credit or debit card
  • Print the renewal receipt


The new sticker and registration should come through the mail within 5 business days. If the documents take longer to arrive, you can contact the MVD office to check the status of the registration renewal.



Renewing Your Vehicle Registration by Phone

To renew your registration over the phone, complete the following steps:

  • For Phoenix and Tucson residents, pass an emissions inspection
  • Call 888-713-3031
  • Follow the verbal prompts to enter your identification information (found on your current registration or renewal notice)
  • Pay the renewal fee with a credit or debit card



You’ll receive your new registration in the mail within 5 business days.


Renewing Your Vehicle Registration by Mail

Phoenix and Tucson residents must pass a vehicle emissions inspection. Following the completion of the inspection, place the following documentation in the return envelope that came with your mailed reminder:

  • Information noted on your renewal notice including personal information and vehicle information
  • A money order or check made out to Arizona Motor Vehicle Division to cover the renewal fee


Renewing Your Vehicle Registration in Person

Pass an emissions test if necessary. Then visit your local MVD office with the following information:

  • Your renewal notice or your current registration
  • Your photo ID
  • Payment for the renewal fee
  • Proof of insurance if required


The new registration materials will be given to you before you leave.